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2017 Annual Report


Provide recreation, continuing education and social service activities/programs for the children, youth and adults of the participating municipalities in a fiscally responsible manner.


In January 2000, after nearly 2 years of extensive planning, GEARS (Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation & Community Services) began providing services to the Elizabethtown Area. GEARS represents a merger of the EACSA and EARC. Services provided include administration, scheduling of resources, a community center, child care program, recreation and a senior center.

When you get into GEARS you become part of something bigger, your community. It’s where you live and we’re here to do one thing, make it better.

Opportunities to meet new people, grow as a person and just have fun at any age, can be summed up in three simple words.


2017 GEARS Supporting Parties & Board Members

Elizabethtown Borough
Meade Bierly, Phil Clark, Howard Kroesen

 Mount Joy Township
Gerald Cole, Marie Messick, Alex Shubert

 West Donegal Township
Barry Garman, Roger Snyder, Charlie Tupper

Elizabethtown Area School District
Terry Seiders, Jeffrey Phillips, Christopher Olnick

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Kids Center
Beth Miller Director 367-0119 x2
Kelly Flowers Assistant Director 367-0119 x3
Deb Bender Secretary 367-0119 x1
Karen Eberly Senior Program Coordinator 367-0355 x6
Danielle Ferris Aquatics/Program Coordinator 367-0355 x4
Doug Knauss Program Coordinator 367-0355 x5
Lisa Nace Secretary 367-0355 x1
Senior Center
Joyce Hardman Director 367-7984
Sherry Haneman Assistant 367-7984
Barry Acker Executive Director 367-0355 x3
Joyce Hardman Accounting 367-0355 x2
Community Center Coordinator 367-0119