Parent & Child Aquatics
Parents will participate in the pool with their child. This American Red Cross class is designed to help young children feel comfortable in and around the water. A certified water safety instructor will teach. Ages 6 months to 3 years old.

Sat Jan 10-March 7 (no 2/28) (I)
April 11-June 6 (no 5/2) (II)
8-8:30 am (6-24 months) (Class A)
8:35-9:05 am (2-4 years) (Class B)
$80 ($87 NM) MV Patton Pool

Learn to Swim
8 session classes! This program provides opportunities for achievement and allows smooth transition between levels of instruction. Activities offered at every level stimulate interest and motivate participants to advance to the next level of instruction. A certified water safety instructor will teach. Ages 6+

Sat Jan 10-March 7 (no 2/28) (I)
April 11-June 6 (no 5/2) (II)
9:10-9:40 am (Preschool) (ages 4-5) (A)
9:45-10:15 am (Preschool) (ages 4-5) (B)
10:20-10:50 am (Level I) (C)
10:55-11:25 am (Level II) (D)
11:35-12:15 pm (Level III/IV/V) (E)
12:20-1:00 pm (Adult) (F) (ages 16+)
$80 ($87 NM) MV Patton Pool
Adult Learn to Swim
8 session classes! Participants will overcome the fear of water, learn to float, get your feet down and stand up, breathing without inhaling water and swimming. Past participants or those who know how to swim will work on stroke improvement and new strokes. Swimmers will also develop a more efficient stroke, kick & breathing while leaning new strokes and skills. Ages 16+.
Sat Jan 10-March 7 (no 2/28) (I)
April 11-June 6 (no 5/2) (II)
12:20-1 pm
MV Patton Pool
$80 ($87 NM)

Want more energy? What about flexibility, strength, balance and core stability? Join us for a high energy, deep water, heart healthy
workout. Move at your own pace through this cardio workout with additional moves to stretch, strengthen and build endurance.
Ages 16+

Tue & Thu 10:15-11 am
Jan 6-Feb 26 (I) March 10-April 30 (II)
$75 ($82 NM) MV Patton Pool

Aqua Zumba
Ditch the workout, join the Pool Party! This class is a safe and effective water-based workout that integrated the Zumba formula
with the traditional aqua fitness discipline. Ages 14+

Tue Jan 6-Feb 24 (I) 6:15-7:15 pm
Wed March 11-April 29 (II) 7:30-8:30 PM
$65 ($72 NM) MV Patton Pool
Water Aerobics

Class combines aerobic conditioning and resistance training, with the added benefit of being gentle on the joints. Participants will develop cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength while enjoying motivating music and having fun in the pool. Ages 16+

Thu Jan 8-Feb 26 (I) 6:15-7 pm
Mon March 9-April 27 (II) 7:30-8:15 pm
Thu March 12-April 30 (III) 7:30-8:15 pm
$52 ($59 NM) MV Patton Pool
$95 for 2 days/week

Splash Bash

An opportunity to splash with your friends and family. Enjoy swimming, floating, diving and fun in the water.

Fri Jan 30, Feb 20, Mar 20, April 24, May 22
7:30-9:30 pm
MV Patton Pool

Lifeguard Certification
Interested in a great job as a lifeguard? Through videos, group discussion and hands-on practice, you’ll learn teamwork, rescue and
surveillance skills, First Aid, CPR/AED and other skills you need to work as a lifeguard. Ages 15+
Sat & Sun March 1, 15, 28 & 29
9 am-6 pm
$250 ($257 NV) MV Patton Pool

Beginner class is for anyone who has not taken gymnastics and would like to learn the basic skills. Intermediate class is for older children and children who have some gymnastics experience. Basic skills will be reviewed progressing to more advanced skills when the child is ready.
Cassie Ernest & Angela Varney will instruct. Ages 6-12

Thu Feb 5-March 19 (I)
April 9-May 21 (II)
5:45-6:45 pm (Beg) (A)
6:45-7:45 pm (Int) (B)
7:45-8:45 pm (Adv) (C)
$65 ($72 NM) CC Gym

Youth Indoor Soccer

Led by E-town College soccer players. For girls and boys in grades 1-3. Designed to be instructional and provide an opportunity for
youth to participate in low-key games. Fee includes a t-shirt.

Sat Feb 14-March 21
10-11 am
$45 ($52 NM) CC Gym

Youth Soccer Program

Instructional and low competitive soccer program for boys and girls in grades 1-5. Fee includes a t-shirt.

Sat April 11-May 23
9-10:30 am
$45 ($52 NM) Fairview Elementary

Indoor Field Hockey Clinic

Under the direction of former EAHS players as well as former division I players. This clinic is a modified version of field hockey geared
toward younger participants. Individuals will learn the fundamentals that will make them successful. Hockey sticks and balls
will be available for use. Shinguards are recommended. Fee includes a t-shirt and mouthguard.

Sat Feb 14-March 28
1-2 pm Grades 1-3 (A)
2-3 pm Grades 4-6 (B)
$55 ($62 NM) MS Gym

Roller Skating  

All ages are invited to come out for a fun night of skating at Doc’s Roller Rink.

Tue Feb 17 (I) May 12 (II)
6-8 pm
Doc’s Roller Review
$5/night ($3 skate rental if needed)

SAT Prep Course

Course is an essential step to help you reach your college admission goals. The course is 10 hours of instruction by Beth Wagner, a
qualified, experienced and certified teacher. It will familiarize students with the test directions, the type of questions to expect
and the necessary skills for SAT success in math, reading and writing. Instructor will work to lower testing anxiety and improve
test taking ability. Register early. Class size is limited. Fee includes a pizza lunch. Grades 9-12

Sat Feb 21 & 28 (I) April 18 & 25 (II)
8 am-1pm
$105 ($112 NM) MS Room 1130

Babysitter's Training Course

Get the training you need to handle any babysitting situation! Learn to supervise and care for infants through early teens. In addition to basic care for infants (holding, diapering, feeding, etc.), first aid and choking intervention will be taught. Participants will receive
certification upon completion of necessary time requirements. Please bring a bag lunch. Ages 11 & up

Sat Feb 28
10 am-4 pm
$85 ($92 NM) CC Lobby

Boys Middle School Volleyball League

Get ready for the 2015 season! This program will compete in a boys volleyball league on Monday nights in the Spring. For boys in grades 6-8. Call the GEARS office at 367-0355 for more info.

Mon, Tue & Thu March 2-early May
6-8 pm
$175 ($182 NM) Bear Creek Gym

Middle School Lacrosse Club  

Program will be filled with twirlz and whirlz! Your child will learn beginner twirling skills, partner and group skills, marching techniques, and basic leaps, jumps, and turns used by twirlers everywhere. All ages are welcome.

Mon-Fri March 9-May

Strictly Skills Basketball

Participants are invited to join local college coaches and players for 6 weeks of basketball excitement! Each day will incorporate a
variety of basketball-specific skill stations, innovative fundamental skill development, fun games, 3 v 3 and 5 v 5 play. Focus will
be on player development not just skills and drills. For more information visit www.StrictlySkills.com.

Wed, April 8-May 13 BOYS
Thu, April 9-May 14 GIRLS
6-7 pm Grades 3-5
7:05-8:05 pm Grades 6-8
$99 ($106 NM) East High Elem Gym

Beginner Tennis Lessons

Class focused on building basic tennis fundamentals and cultivating a love of the game through drills and fun games. Brenda & Audrey McBride will instruct. Ages 7-11

Sat May 2-30
3-4 pm
$45 ($52 NM) HS Tennis Courts

Beg/Int Tennis Lessons

For players who are beyond the beginner level but need work refining their technique. Focus will be on moving, hitting, and match play skills.
Recommended for those aspiring to play high school tennis. Brenda & Audrey McBride will instruct. Ages 12-16.

Sat May 2-30
4-5 pm
$45 ($52 NM) HS Tennis Courts

Designed to develop gross motor skills, movement, creativity, physical development and body awareness, while learning numbers, colors, shapes and songs. Age 2

Tue 5:45-6:15 pm
Jan 13-Feb 17 (I)
March 10-April 14 (II)
$67 ($74 NM) CC Green Room

Developmental dance/movement and fitness program taught on 3 levels, teaching the basics of ballet, tap, acrobatics and creative movement while blending educational concepts. Ages 3-6.
Tue 6:25-7:10 pm
Jan 13-Feb 17 (I)
March 10-April 14 (II)
$86 ($93 NM) CC Green Room

A developmental floor gymnastics program with emphasis on social and gross motor development, physical fitness and movement education, while learning numbers, colors, shapes and words. Ages 3-6.
Tue 7:20-7:50 pm
Jan 13-Feb 17 (I)
March 10-April 14 (II)
$67 ($74 NM) CC Green Room
KinderTot, KinderDance and KinderGym classes are taught by instructors certified and trained who specialize in teaching dance, motor development, gymnastics, creative movement and fitness to young children.

This class will help develop large and small motor skills in a fun learning environment while introducing the fundamentals of gymnastics. Cassie Ernest & Angela Varney will instruct. Ages 3-6

Thu 5-5:45 pm
Feb 5-March 19 (I)
April 9-May 21 (II)
$55 ($62 NM) CC Gym

Iddy Biddy Indoor Soccer

E-town College Men’s Soccer team will teach basic soccer skills such as kicking, foot placement, dribbling, passing and trapping.
Participants will start to become familiar with the game of soccer. Emphasis will be placed on social skills. Fee includes a t-shirt. Ages 3-5

Sat Feb 14-March 21
9-10 am (A)
11 am-12 noon (B)
$45 ($52 NM) CC Gym

Iddy Biddy Soccer

Kick-start into Spring with our soccer program. Coaches will teach basic soccer skills such as kicking, foot placement, dribbling,
passing and trapping. Participants will become familiar with the game of soccer. Emphasis will also be placed on social skills.
Fee includes a t-shirt. Ages 3-5

Sat April 11-May 23
9-10 am (A)
10-11 am (B)
11 am-12 noon (C)
$45 ($52 NM) Fairview Elementary

Iddy Biddy Tennis
Fun way for little players to become familiar with basics of tennis fundamentals and equipment, while developing hand-eye coordination and movement skills. Brenda & Audrey McBride will instruct. Ages 4-6

Sat May 2-30
2:15-3 pm
$40 ($47 NM) HS Tennis Courts

Discover Dance
Class is designed to encourage younger children in a fun way to express themselves through several dance disciplines (ballet, jazz & creative movement). Dancers will develop body awareness, gross motor skills, rhythm and flexibility. Optional Tap Class either before or after your class. Abi Ernharth will instruct. Ages 3-5
Mon Jan 5-Feb 23 (I) March 9-April 27 (II)
5-5:45 (Level II) (Int) (A)
5:50-6:05 pm (Tap) (B)
6:10-6:55 pm (Level I) (Beg) (C)
$45 ($52 NM) CC Lobby
$15 additional fee for Tap Class
Learn basic tap and jazz skills from vocabulary to lessons that will carry through life. This fun up-beat class is for anyone who has a desire
to learn dance. All students must have tap shoes. Haley Raffensperger will instruct. Ages 6-12

Tue Jan 6-Feb 24
6:30-7:30 pm
$40 ($47 NM) CC Lobby

Hip Hop
This high energy class will have you moving and grooving! Perfect class for beginners. Class will consist of funky warm up, skills and
weekly combinations. Students should wear sneakers or dance shoes. Haley Raffensperger will instruct. Ages 7-13

Tue Jan 6-Feb 24
7:30-8:15 pm
$30 ($37 NM) CC Lobby

Ballroom Dancing
This class covers beginner to intermediate footwork and body movement. The Waltz and the Salsa will be the two dances covered.

Wed March 18-April 8
8-9 pm
$60 ($67 NM) MV Roosevelt Assembly Room

Continuing Education  
Medicare Madness
Intro to Medicare
If you are about to turn age 65 and confused by Medicare, this class is designed specifically for you! The basics of Medicare will be explained, including how and when to sign up for Medicare, what is covered by the different parts of Medicare (A, B, C and D), and what the difference is between a Medicare Supplemental (Medigap) and a Medicare Advantage plan. Additionally, we will walk through how to find a plan that best fits your needs. This class is beneficial for seniors because it clears away the confusion, answers many questions, and empowers participants through education. Several rounds of Medicare Bingo will be played at the conclusion of the class!
Wed 6-8 pm
Jan 21 (I) March 18 (II) May 20 (III)
$10 ($14) Rec Room #2
Medicare Madness
Updates to Medicare
If you are currently enrolled in Medicare and concerned with congressional changes, this class is for you! The effects of Healthcare Reform on Medicare as well as other current legislative changes to Medicare, which will affect seniors will be discussed. Additionally, an explanation of the Medicare Open Enrollment process and how to select a health plan that will best fit your needs will be provided. Several rounds of Medicare Bingo will be played at the conclusion of the class!
Wed 6-8 pm
Feb 18 (I) April 22 (II)
$10 ($14) Rec Room #2
Glass Fusing for Beginners
Fused glass is glass that has been fired (heat-processed) in a kiln at a range of high temperatures. At this class you will learn various fusing techniques. Each student will have the opportunity to make 2 pieces of their choice (glass tile, ornament or piece of jewelry). Ages 9+

Sat 10 am-12 noon
Jan 24 (I) April 18 (II)
$50 ($57 NM) Senior Center
Pieces will be available for pick up by the end of the month.

Healing for the Mind and the Soul
Want to make a change this year and really stick with it? Quit Smoking, Control Your Weight and Manage Stress with Hypnosis. Each month features something different that you can explore and is broken down into 2 sessions. Say goodbye to those bad habits, hello to a healthier you! First class is about 1 1/2 hours and 2nd class is 45 minutes. Both classes are needed to reach your goal. Please call Jennifer at 717-951-7662 with any additional questions.

Thu 6 pm
Jan 22 & 29 Weight Control (I)
Feb 12 & 19 Quit Smoking (II)
March 19 & 26 Manage Stress (III)
April 16 & 23 Weight Control (IV)
May 7 & 14 Quit Smoking (V)
$86 ($93 NM)
Lower Level of E-town Fitness Club

ASA Umpire Certification
Course will instruct participants in the rules of slow, modified and fast-pitch softball. Positioning of umpires will be stressed.
Participants will be certified ASA Umpires upon successful completion of the course. Wear comfortable clothes. Class will be lead by Tom Libhart, Umpire in Chief. Participants must pay instructor $5 at first class for rulebook, handouts and certification. Ages 14+

Mon Feb 2-March 9
7-9 pm
$28 ($35 NM) Rec Room #2

Intro to DSLR's
This is an introductory course that will focus on maximizing your DSLR cameras and adapting to all lighting situations (natural light, on-camera flash and off-camera flash). You can become an all-around great photgrapher that is capable of shooting anything, anywhere, at any time while deliverying high quality, fully edited images. Instructed by Andrew Schoenberger, Epic Photography. Ages 16+

Tue Feb 3-24 7-8:30 pm
$35 ($42 NM) Epic Photography
(28 S. Market St., E-town)

AARP Driver Safety Program
Four-hour refresher course for people who have previously taken the eight-hour course. Course may fulfill requirements for a continuing insurance discount from any auto insurer doing business in PA. All participants MUST bring evidence of previous course completion to receive a certificate. Participants must also bring a valid PA drivers license. Gene O’Brien will instruct. Ages 50+

Wed April 1
2-6 pm
$15 AARP Member Senior Center
$20 AARP Non-Member

Smart Driver
8-hour classroom course is designed to meet the needs of older drivers. Participants sharpen driving skills, develop strategies for adjusting to age related changes in vision, hearing and reaction time, and learn about the effects of medication on driving performance. Available to all motorists age 50 and older. This is a Penn Dot approved course and may entitle you to a discount on your auto insurance (check with your agent). Participants must bring a current driver’s license. Gene O’Brien will instruct. Ages 50+

Tue & Wed April 14 & 15
2-6 pm
$15 AARP Member Senior Center
$20 AARP Non-Member

Canine Fast Track Basic Obedience
Class is geared toward the canine team (dog/owner) for learning basic obedience (sit down, hold, stay, walking on a leash, coming when called, etc.), problem solving (barking, house training, play biting, etc.) and tricks! Focus will be on basic commands with positive reinforcement. Handlers must be 16 years old. Dogs must be at least 3 months old. Deb Haldeman has 18 years of training experience in obedience conformation and therapy.

Tue April 7-28
7-8 pm
$50 ($57 NM) E-town Fairgrounds

Bring a 6-foot leash (fabric or leather), dog treats and proof of vaccination. Recommended that dog receives Kennel Cough Vaccine.

Canine Rally/Manner Class
This class is designed for dogs that have already completed a beginner class. The class will focus on strengthening basic commands, sit/down, stay, walking on a leash, etc. Class will also begin some basic training for the canine good citizen test and rally obedience. Handlers must be 16 years old. Deb Haldeman has 18 years of training experience in obedience conformation and therapy.

Tue April 7-28
8-9 pm
$50 ($57 NM) E-town Fairgrounds

Bring a 6-foot leash (fabric or leather), dog treats and proof of vaccination. Recommended that dog receives Kennel Cough Vaccine.

Getting Paid to Talk,
Making Money with Your Voice
An Introduction to professional voice acting Have you ever been told that you have a great voice? This exciting class will explore numerous aspects of voice over work for television, film, radio, audio books, documentaries and the internet in your area. We will cover all the basics, including how to prepare the all - important demo, how to be successful and learn great income in this exciting field. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and to hear examples of demos recorded by professional voice actors. Class participants will even have a chance to record a commercial script under the direction of our Voicecoaches. com producer! This class is informative, lots of fun, and a great first step for anyone
interested in voice acting professionally.
Mon April 27
6:30-9 pm
$25 ($31 NM) Rec Room #2
This exercise class is designed to follow the exercise methods created by Joseph Pilates, the founder of the Pilates method. This class will take you through the movements and exercises that will help increase good posture, build muscle, prevent injuries and help you become a happier, healthier you. Please bring a yoga mat or towel. Ages 14+

Tue Jan 6-Feb 24
5-6 pm
$40 ($47 NM) MV Memorial Hall Gym

Power Yoga
Class focuses on strength, balance and flexibility while linking mind and body through breath. Sun salutations, standing and
seated postures, balance poses & intense relaxation combined in one class that allows the beginner or advanced yoga student to
enjoy an invigorating and fulfilling experience. Stephanie Weaver will instruct. Ages 16+

Tue 6:15-7:15 pm
Jan 6-March 3 (I) March 17-May 12 (II)
$90 ($97 NM) MV Carpenter Chapel

H.I.I.T. stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which means you will use various stations to whip you into shape. You will use jump ropes,
exercise balls, free weights and more to challenge muscles in your entire body. Body weight exercises will also be implemented. Bring a
towel and water. Cheryl Dohner will instruct. Ages 14+
Mon & Wed 7:15-8:15 pm
Jan 5-Feb 25 (I) March 23-May 13 (II)
$68 ($75 NM) MV Memorial Hall Gym
Hatha Flow Yoga

This multi-level hatha yoga class incorporates seated and standing yoga poses, conscious breathing and meditative focus to foster
strength, flexibility and relaxation. Class phases are warming up, building heat and awakening energy though challenging
sequences of standing poses, focused strength, balance and breathe work, deep stretching and a final relaxation and
meditation. Participants should wear layers of comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. Class will be taught by Charla Lorenzen, a
certified Hatha Yoga instructor. Ages 14+

Mon Jan 5-Feb 23 (I) Mar 9-April 27 (II)
Wed Jan 7-Feb 25 (I) Mar 11-Apr 29 (II)
6-7 pm
$50 ($57 NM) MV Carpenter Chapel
$95 for 2 days/week

Zumba Gold
A toned-down version of Zumba! A fun aerobics-type class, part dance and part fitness, based primarily on Latin American & International style music. Geared to the deconditioned person/beginner exerciser and the active older adult. For those that may be hesitant to go “full-out” for whatever reason, Zumba Gold is the way to go! Judy McMillen is a licensed Zumba Gold Instructor. Ages 14+

Mon 6-6:45 pm
Jan 5-Feb 23 (I) March 9-April 27 (II)
$40 ($47 NM) MV Memorial Hall Gym

Zumba is a dance fitness class that fuses motivational musical rhythms and unique moves to create a dynamic workout system designed to be FUN and EASY TO DO! The routines feature interval training where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning calories. Add some Latin flavor and International zest into the mix and you’ve got Zumba! Ditch the Workout, join the party! Less than $5 per class! Classes are taught by a licensed Zumba fitness instructor. Ages 14+

Wed Class
Jan 7-Feb 25 (I)

Tue Class
March 10-April 28 (II)

Thu Class
Jan 8-Feb 26 (I)
March 12-April 30 (II)

6-7 pm
MV Memorial Hall Gym
$50/class/sess ($57 NM)
$95 for 2 days/week

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa flow style yoga featuring mind, breathe and body connection. Build heat and sensation in strength poses, flow and balance.
Detoxifying, strengthening and lengthening of the muscles will be achieved. Previous yoga experience is a plus but not required.
Modifications are offered. Bring a yoga mat. Michelle Pelna will instruct. Ages 14+

Thu 9:15-10:15 am
Jan 8-March 5 (I) March 26-May 21 (II)
$65 ($72 NM) MV Lodge Meeting Room

Gentle Yoga
Learn fundamental yoga postures using safe alignment and modifications. Slowly build strength, flexibility and balance. Mind,
breathe and body connection are introduced and emphasized. This is a slow and mindful class for any fitness level. Please bring a yoga
mat. Michelle Pelna will instruct. Ages 14+

Thu 10:30-11:30 am
Jan 8-March 5 (I) March 26-May 21 (II)
$65 ($72 NM) MV Lodge Meeting Room

Dahn Yoga

Dahn Yoga is all about energy. Class will help you enjoy a deep experience of energy, power, serenity and vitality. With your sense
of energy enhanced, you will be able to feel abundant energy, physical well-being and emotional stability. Class combines breathing
and relaxation techniques, physical exercise, yoga postures, stretching, kigong, visualization and meditation. Bring a mat or towel. Wear
comfortable clothing. Cindy Forry & Elizabeth Mosher are Dahn Yoga Masters.

Thu 6:30-7:30 pm
Jan 8-Feb 26 (I) March 12-April 30 (II)
$45 ($52 NM) MV Carpenter Chapel
Intro to Tai Chi
For people new to Tai Chi or have not practiced in years. A simple 10-step Taiji form introduces students to the basic postures appearing in many Tai Chi forms. Attention will be given to relaxation, basic alignment and how to move safely. Ben Ninmann has been teaching Tai Chi for 9 years. Ages 16+.
Tue Jan 13-March 17 (I)
March 31-June 2 (II)
7-8 pm
Rheems Elementary
$95 ($102 NM)
Advanced Tai Chi
After learning the 10-step form in the Intro class, participants will take the postures and learn to integrate them with new moves. Sword and other weapon forms are gradually introduced and integrated with additional hand forms. Ben Ninmann has been teaching Tai Chi for 9 years. Ages 16+.

Tue Jan 13-March 17 (I)
March 31-June 2 (II)
8-9 pm
Rheems Elementary
$95 ($102 NM)

Spin & Sculpt
Want to burn 400-600 calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase muscle tone and have fun exercising without impacting your joints? Try this 45 minute indoor cycling class combined with 15 minutes of toning/ core. Participants will climb hills, hit jumps and ride through valleys. You will be addicted to this major calorie burning class in no time! Don’t forget your workout towel and water! All fitness levels are welcome. Ages 16+

Tue & Thu 6-7 pm
Feb 24-April 9 (I) April 21-June 4 (II)
$75 ($82 NM) Rec Room #4

Feb 24-April 9 from 7-8 pm

Elizabethtown Running Club
Club designed to get elementary, middle school age and adults of all ages running. Whether you’ve never run a lap around the
track or if you’ve completed 5k’s and other distance running events this club is for you. Participants will learn the basic skills to get
started on a path of exercise and fitness. E-town Middle School Cross Country Coach Jeff McCloud will work with every level of
runner to get them in shape, develop a community of runners and have fun doing it. In addition to running, Jeff will help members set goals,
use online and smartphone running apps and run different routes through Elizabethtown.

Tue & Sat April 4-May 30
6-8 pm (Tue) 8-10 am (Sat)
$55 ($62 NM) Meet at HS Track

Walk at your own pace in the comfort of a gym. Rain or shine. Check in each day at the Community Center office. Available to all ages.

Mon -Fri Jan 2-May 29 (no 4/3 & 5/25)
8:30-9:30 am
CC Gym
FREE; Registration required

Moo-Duk-Kwan Karate
Gain self-defense, self-discipline and self-respect with physical fitness benefits with year-round instruction for children and adults. This is a Korean Martial Art with a white through black belt system. Roger Engle, a 7th degree black belt, has taught GEARS karate since 1978. Ages 5+

Mon, Tue & Thu 6-7:30 pm
Jan 5-29 (I)
Feb 2-26 (II)
March 2-31 (III)
April 2-30 (IV)
May 4-28 (V) (no 5/25)
$50 ($57 NM) MS Wrestling Room

Power Volleyball  
Bump, set, spike! High school age through adults are invited to enjoy pick-up games of power volleyball.
Fri Jan 2-May 22 (no 4/3)
6:30-9:30 pm
MS Aux Gym
$4/Day ($5/Day NM)
All ages are invited to play in this program. Pickle-Ball is a combination of tennis and badminton played on a badminton sized court with lightweight paddles and plastic perforated balls (much like wiffle balls). These elements produce exciting, long rallies which consist of volleys at the net and ground strokes similar to tennis. Pickle-Ball is a great equalizer for differences in age, sex, strength and athletic ability. Equipment is available.
Tue Jan 6-May 26
12-2 pm
CC Gym
$4/Day ($5/Day NM)
Smash! Men, women and children are invited to play the exciting sport of badminton. Equipment is available.
Jan 7-May 27 (no 4/3)
Wed 11:30 am-2 pm
Fri 6-9 pm
CC Gym
$4/Day ($5/Day NM)
Leagues & Tourneys


League Standings
Click on Image to see Scores




Recreation Basketball League  

Local area recreational basketball league. 10-game schedule with playoffs. Fans are welcome to attend these exciting games.

Sun & Tue Jan 6-March 10
6:30-10:30 pm
$325/Team E-town BIC Gym

Basketball League Information
Church Coed Sixes Volleyball League  

Local area church volleyball coed sixes league. 10-match season with playoffs. Fans are welcome to attend.

Mon & Tue Feb 9-April 27
6-10 pm
$200/Team HS Gyms

Women's Fast-Pitch Softball League  

Competitive fast-pitch softball league developed for high school age through adults. 12-game season with playoffs.

Sun, Tue & Thu June 2-August
6:30 & 8 pm
$375/Team E-town Park Softball Field

Softball League Information
Doubles Volleyball Tournament

CASH PRIZES!! Indoor pool-play tournament in two-person men & women doubles volleyball.

Sat Feb 21 8:30 am (MEN/WOMEN)
Sun Feb 22 8:30 am (COED)
Daubert Gym/Old HS Gym/MS Gym
$60 (Paid Pre-registration)
$80 (Walk-On)

Tournament Form
"Spring Mix" Golf Tournament
Sponsored by Dr. Dale Treese, DDS. Join us for the 9th Annual 4-Person“Spring Mix” golf tournament for local golf enthusiasts. Fee includes green fees, cart, dinner, awards and door prizes. Tournament will benefit the GEARS Summer Playground program.

Fri April 24 1 pm (shotgun start)
$80/player Sunset Golf Course

Atlantic City Escape

Enjoy a 2-night stay at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. Trip includes transportation, 2 night lodging, 2 buffets, $5 meal credit, $25 in
slot play, baggage handling and taxes.

Mon-Wed Jan 19-21 depart 8 am
$176/person (based on double occ)
($183 NM) MoviE-town Parking Lot
New York City
“Valentine Weekend Escape”

Enjoy Valentine’s weekend in NYC to be entertained by world class museums, unbelievable shopping, Broadway shows and fabulous restaurants. There is something for everyone. Trip includes deluxe transportation, 1 night lodging at Comfort Inn Midtown West,
breakfast, taxes and baggage handling.

Sat & Sun Feb 14 & 15 depart 7 am
$225/person (based on double occ)
($232 NM) HS Parking Lot
Mt. Airy Casino& “My Gal Patsy”

Enjoy the lunch buffet, explore the resort and try your hand at lady luck. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show, “My Gal Patsy”, a captivating
musical tribute to Patsy Cline. Trip includes transportation, $20 in slot play, lunch buffet, show and taxes.

Tue Feb 24 depart 7:45 am
$95 ($102 NM) MoviE-town Parking Lot
“Wicked” on Broadway

Find out how these two unlikely friends end up as the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch in the most spellbinding musical in years. Trip includes transportation, Orchestra seating, Macy’s coupon & NYC map.

Wed March 25 depart 7 am
$175 ($182 NM) MoviE-town Parking Lot
Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

Enjoy the day in our Nation’s Capital and explore this exciting city while the beautiful cherry blossoms are in bloom. Find your special place to watch the “Cherry Blossom Parade” on Constitution Avenue. Trip includes transportation, Smithsonian map & National Zoo option.

Sat April 11 depart 7 am
$59 ($66 NM) HS Parking Lot
Mohonk Mountain House

Award-winning resort near the Catskill Mountains! Enjoy the hot and cold buffet prepared by the award winning chefs. Gardening has been a cornerstone of Mohonk since the land was purchased. Enjoy a walk through the gardens and greenhouse. Then stop at The Barn Museum for a unique treasure. Trip includes transportation, buffet lunch, chef demonstrations, admission, departure reception & gifts, taxes and

Sat May 9 depart 6 am
$175 ($182 NM) HS Parking Lot
NASCAR at Dover Speedway

Enjoy a day at the races to watch the Sprint Cup Series. Trip includes transportation and race ticket.

Sun May 31 depart 7 am
$129 ($136 NM) HS Parking Lot

Upcoming Trips

Naval Academy Tall Ships
June 2015

Watkins Glen Wine Festival
Sat July 11

Ellis Island, 9/11 Museum& Freedom Tower
Sat Aug 8

Coney Island/Brooklyn
Sat Sept 19

Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad
Sat Oct 10
Eastern State Penitentiary “Ghost Tour”
Sat Oct 31

Radio City
Sat Nov 21

Biltmore Estates, NC
Wed-Fri Dec 2-4

NYC on your Own
Sat Dec 12

Special Events  
Daddy/Daughter Dance  
Fathers, escort your daughters to a special night of fun! Dad not available? Bring your grandfather, uncle, older adult brother or your favorite family friend as your escort. Enjoy arts & crafts, games, snacks and of course, dancing!
Registration deadline is Fri, Feb 6.
Fri, Feb 13 6:30-8 pm
MV Salon 1
E-town Heroes vs E-town Legends  
Join us for the 3rd annual Heroes vs Legends benefit basketball game. Players that night will include EASD faculty members and coaches, former E-town Bear and Blue Jay basketball stars and other local community members. The night will include audience participation, give aways, contests and an entertaining basketball game.
Fri, Feb 27 7 pm Tip-Off
Daubert Gym
$5/person (4 & under is free)
Click here for more details!
Mother/Son Golf Outing
Compete with your son in a day of fun at Adventure Sports! Day will include miniature golf tournament, pizza lunch, arts & crafts, and giveaways for contest winners. Go-Kart racing, batting cages and the arcade will be open for an additional lower rate. Registration deadline is Friday, April 24.
Sat, May 2 11 am-2 pm
Adventure Sports
Mother/Daughter Tea
Mothers and daughters, enjoy a special night of fun! Bring your grandmother, aunt, older sister or favorite family friend. The evening will include crafts, music and refreshments. Registration deadline is Fri, May 1.
Fri, May 8 6:30-8 pm
MV Lodge Dining Room

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