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Mommy & Me Dance reg_now_orange
This unique class brings both parent and child into an environment of fun and creativity. Class includes mom or another loved one participating alongside their child to learn the fundamentals of dance. The instructor will keep the class moving
as parents and guardians dance with, encourage and support their little dancer. Ages 2-3
Mon June 11-July 30 5-5:45 pm
$30 ($37 NM) CC Gym

Discover Dance reg_now_orangeDD
Class will encourage children to express themselves through creative movement based on ballet and jazz. Dancers will develop body awareness, gross motor skills, rhythm, and flexibility in a fun and positive environment. Parents are not permitted in the dance room during class. Ages 3-6
Mon June 11-July 30
5:45-6:30 pm (Class A) (Ages 3-4)
6:30-7:15 pm (Class B) (Ages 5-6)
$40 ($47 NM) CC Lobby

Beginner Tap reg_now_orange
Class will teach the basics of tap dancing. Students will develop rhythm, coordination, balance, and performance qualities. Tap is an excellent way for kids to channel their energy in an environment that encourages them to make noise, move around, and learn something new! Ages 6-8
Wed June 13-Aug 1 (No 7/4) 5-5:45 pm
$25 ($32 NM) CC Lobby

Beginner Ballet reg_now_orange
Class will teach the basics of ballet technique. Students will develop grace, balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Ballet is an excellent starting point for kids who want to begin studying dance and a fun way for kids to embrace their inner ballerinas!. Ages 6-8
Wed June 13-Aug 1 (No 7/4) 5:45-6:30 pm
$25 ($32 NM) CC Lobby

Beginner Jazz reg_now_orange
Class is designed to teach the basics of jazz technique. Students will develop performance qualities, coordination, flexibility, and confidence. Jazz is a great
way for kids to explore the fun, theatrical side of dance while gaining confidence in the spotlight! Ages 6-8
Wed June 13-Aug 1 (No 7/4) 6:30-7:15 pm
$25 ($32 NM) CC Lobby

Dance Workout (ADULT CLASS) reg_now_orange
This 8-week class will be an introductory survey of different genres of dance with an emphasis on physical conditioning. Dance genres will include ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap (no shoes required). Come ready for a fun, full-body workout that includes strength training, flexibility, and cardio! Ages 14+
Mon June 11-July 30 7:30-8:30 pm
$32 ($39 NM) CC Gym
Instructor Spotlight!!
Roni Masters was born and raised in Elizabethtown where she first started dancing at the age of four in GEARS’ summer dance program. There, she fell in love with dance and began taking dance classes at Richie School of Dance, where she studied ballet, jazz, tap, and baton for 13 years. After graduating from Mount Calvary Christian School in 2014, she attended Palm Beach Atlantic University as a dance major and exercise science minor, graduating in 2018 with a B.A. in Dance Pedagogy. She has always had a passion for dance, for teaching, and for working with kids, so she is excited to return to GEARS as a dance instructor for her second summer. Roni teaches all the dance classes before this spotlight.

Shake it Like Shakira reg_now_orange
Learn Shakira’s unique mix of bellydance and hot Latin moves. Lindsey Teske, dance teacher with 8 years experience will instruct. Lindsey Teske will instruct. Ages 10+
Tue June 5-Aug 14 (no July 24)
6:30-7:30 pm
$64 ($71 NM) CC Lobby

Family Fitness Party reg_now_orange
Everyone can participate in this fun and easy form of exercise. Learn simple moves
while enjoying hit music from every decade. Dancing has been prfamily danceoven to increase math abilities and protect your brain from dementia, as well as obvious benefits to your heart and legs. Lindsey Teske will instruct. All ages
Wed June 6-July 18 (I) (no July 4)
Aug 1-Sept 5 (II) 6-6:45 pm
$48 ($55 NM) ($20/person additonal)
CC Gym