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Gym BEARS   reg_now_orange
This class will help develop fine and gross motor skills in a fun learning environment while introducing the fundamentals of gymnastics. Angela
Varney & Cindy Lohr-DeBuono will instruct. Ages 3-5gym bears
Thu 5:15-6 pm (A) or 6-6:45 (B)
Sept 6-Oct 11 (I)
Oct 25-Dec 6 (no 11/22) (II)
$55 ($62 NM) CC Gym

Mommy & Me Dance reg_now_orange
This unique class brings both parent and child into an environment of fun and creativity. Class includes mom or another loved one participating alongside their child to learn the fundamentals of dance. The instructor will keep the class moving as parents and guardians dance with, encourage and support their little dancer. Ages 2-3
Tue 5-5:45 pm
Sept 4-Oct 9 (I) Oct 23-Nov 27 (II)
$30 ($37 NM) CC Gym

Discover Dance reg_now_orange
Class will encourage children to express themselves through creative movement based on ballet and jazz. Dancers will develop body awareness, gross motor skills, rhythm, and flexibility in a fun and positive environment. Parents are not DDpermitted in the dance room during class. Ages 3-6
Tue Sept 4-Oct 9 (I) Oct 23-Nov 27 (II)
5:45-6:30 pm (A) (Ages 3-4)
6:30-7:15 pm (B) (Ages 5-6)
$30 ($37 NM) CC Lobby

Iddy Biddy Soccer  reg_now_orange
Coaches will teach basic soccer skills such as kicking, foot placement,
dribbling, passing and trapping. Participants will become familiar with
the game of soccer. Fee includes a t-shirt. Ages 3-5.
Sat Sept 8-Oct 13

9-10 am (A) 10-11 am (B)
$45 ($52 NM) HS Field #3

Iddy Biddy Quick Start Tennis reg_now_orange
Children will learn to play tennis quickly using large-sized RED balls and smaller nets and courts. Taught by Brenda McBride, PTR certified instructor. Ages 4-6
Tue Oct 2-30 5:30-6 pm
$50 ($57 NM) HS Tennis Courts

Iddy Biddy Basketball reg_now_orange
Bring your little tike out for a hoopin’ good time! Coaches will teach basic shooting, dribbling and passing skills. Fee ibasketballncludes a t-shirt. Ages 4-6
Sat Dec 1-Jan 26
8-8:45 am (A) 9-9:45 am (B)
$50 ($57 NM)
East High Elem Gym