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Girls Middle School Volleyball League reg_now_orange
Get ready for the 2018 season! This Middle School Volleyball Program will compete in a Girls Volleyball League on Monday nights (Sevolleyballpt 10-Oct 29). Fee includes practice, uniform, mid-season tournament and playoffs. Team for girls in grades 7-8 and team for girls in grades 5-6.
Mon, Tue & Thu Aug 13-Oct 29 6-8 pm
$225 Bear Creek Gym

Beginner Ballet reg_now_orange
Class will teach the basics of ballet technique. Students will develop
grace, balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Ballet is an excellent starting point for kids who want to begin studying dance and a fun way for kids to embrace their inner ballerinas! Ages 6-8
Wed 5:45-6:30 pm
Sept 5-Oct 10 (I) (no 10/3)
Oct 24-Nov 28 (II) (no 11/21)
$25 ($31 NM) CC Gym

Beginner Jazz reg_now_orange
Class is designed to teach the basics of jazz technique. Students will develop performance qualities, coordination, flexibility, and jazzconfidence. Jazz is a great way for kids to explore the fun, theatrical side of dance while gaining confidence in the spotlight! Ages 6-8
Wed 6:30-7:15 pm
Sept 5-Oct 10 (I) (no 10/3)
Oct 24-Nov 28 (II) (no 11/21)
$25 ($31 NM) CC Gym

Gymnastics   reg_now_orange
Beginner class is for anyone who has not taken gymnastics and would like to learn the basic skills. Intermediate class is for older children and children who have some gymnastics experience. Basic skills will be reviewed progressing to more advanced skills when the child is ready. Cindy Lohr-DeBuono and Angela Varney will instruct. Ages 6-12
Thu Sept 6-Oct 11 (I)female athlete practicing leg split gymnastics clipart
Oct 25-Dec 6 (no 11/22) (II)
6:45-7:45 pm (Beginner) (A)
7:45-8:45 pm (Int/Adv) (B)
$65 ($72 NM) CC Gym

Pokemon League/YuGiOh/Buddyfight League    reg_now_orange
Join us weekly for friendly competition and updates on Pokemon, YuGiOh and Buddyfight. Bring your decks and battle other opponents. Find ways to improve your skills and decks. Find new rivals to compete against. Grades 1-10pokemon
Thu 6-7:30 pm
Sept 6-Oct 18 (I)
Oct 25-Dec 13 (no 11/22) (II)
$15 ($20 NM) Rec Room #2

Professional Skateboarding Lessons  reg_now_orange
Learn to “drop-in” and ride like a pro! Certified skate lessons by sponsored skateboarder Luke Davis held at the Cornerstone Youth Center’s high class indoor skate facility. Ages 6-18
Sun Sept 9-Oct 14 (I) Oct 28-Dec 2 (II)
6-7 pm Beginner (Class A)
7-8 pm Int/Adv (Class B)
$72 ($79 NM) Cornerstone Youth Center
95 S. Wilson Ave, E-town

Strictly Skills Basketball  reg_now_orange
Boys and girls are invited to enjoy 6 weeks of basketball excitement!
Each clinic incorporates a variety of basketball specific skill stations,
fun games, and game play in a 3v3 and 5v5 environment. Ball handling, shooting fundamentals, dribble moves, moving without the ball, and offensive footwork will all be stressed. Sessions will be held immediately after school at Bear Creek. www.StrictlySkills.com. Grades 4-6
Tue Sept 11-Oct 16 3:45-4:45 pm
89 ($96 NM) Bear Creek Gym

Trail Riding reg_now_orange
One hour guided trail riding. Ride horses through the 275 acres of woods and farmland on the ranch. Horses are well mannered and trained to work with riders that have little or notrailridingexperience. For your own safety and safety of the horses, we do not trot or gallop through the trails. All children must be 6 or older and there is a strict weight limit of 250 pounds.
Wed Sept 12 (I) Oct 3 (II) Oct 17 (III) Nov 7 (IV)
5-6 pm
$45 ($52 NM) Ironstone Ranch
1 Hollinger Lane, E-town

Pond Fishing for Beginners reg_now_orange
Make this a family event! Participants will be provided with rod, reel, tackle and bait. This class will instruct beginners on how to use the equipment. Best of all, the class will be held pond side so participants can test out their new skills. All ages are welcome. Over age 16 must have a PA Fishing License.
Sat Oct 6 4-6 pm
$10 ($14 NM) Location is TBA
Raindate is Oct 7

Beginner Quick Start Tennis reg_now_orange
Children of any skill level will learn the fundamentals of tennis using the RED or ORANGE balls and smaller courts. Older participants will transition to regular balls and a 60 foot court. Instructors will teach
appropriate skill and age level. Taught by Brenda McBride, PTR certified instructor. Ages 8-12
Tue Oct 2-30 6-6:50 pm
$60 ($67 NM) HS Tennis Courts

Intermediate Quick Start Tennis reg_now_orange
For players that have completed two or more sessions of tennis lessons.
Instruction will focus on continuing to develop tennis skills and prepare for match play. Taught by Brenda McBride, PTR certified. Ages 8-13
Tue Oct 2-30 7-8 pm
$60 ($67 NM) HS Tennis Courts

Fall Field Hockey Clinic reg_now_orange
Participants will learn the fundamentals of the game which will make
them successful. Game-like situations will be incorporated to Girl holding hockey stick playing field hockey cliparthelp players take their game to the next level. Clinic run by EAHS coaches and players. Participants will need field hockey stick, shinguards and mouth guard (field hockey sticks will be available
if you don’t have one).
Sat Oct 13-Nov 3
10-11 am (A) (Grades 2-4)
11 am-12 noon (B) (Grades 5-6)
$25 ($32 NM) Jane Hoover Field

5th-6th Grade Travel Basketball Leagues   reg_now_orange
Boys and girls teams will play in a local travel basketball league. Flyers will be distributed through the EASD schools.
Tryout Dates:
GIRLS Sept 29, 8-9 am &
Oct 1, 6-7 pm
BOYS Sept 29, 9:15-10:15 am &
Oct 1, 7:15-8:15 pm
$125 Bear Creek Gym

BEARS 1st & 2nd Grade Basketball  reg_now_orange
Coed skills development program will work with your child on the fundamentals of basketball – dribbling, shooting and passing.Participants will play fun skill development games. Fee includes a t-shirt.
Sat Dec 1-Jan 26
10-11 am (A) 11 am-12 noon (B)
$50 ($57 NM) East High Elem Gym

basketball2BEARS Youth Basketball Program reg_now_orange
Organized practices and games for children in grades 3-9. Forms will be distributed in late October. Interested in coaching or officiating, please call the GEARS Office at 367-0355. Volunteer coaches are needed!
Draft Dates:
Nov 5, 6-7 pm GIRLS Grades 3-4
Nov 5, 7:15-8:15 pm GIRLS Grades 5-6
Nov 7, 6-7 pm BOYS Grades 3-4
Nov 7, 7:15-8:15 pm BOYS Grade 5-6
Bear Creek Gym
$65 (3-4 grade) $70 (5-9 grade)

Do It Yourself Day reg_now_orange
Experience a day of creativity, science and fun! You will have an opportunity to do all these things with regular items that you
can find around your house. Grades 1-6
Tue Nov 27 9 am-3 pm
$55 ($62 NM) WDT Building

Harry Potter Half Day reg_now_orange
Experience being a student at our very own Hogwarts. Study some of the classes that Harry and his classmates took. Learn to play quidditch, make your own wand, participants will concoct bubbly potions
and even try Bertie Botts and Butter Beer. Grades 1-6
Thu Dec 6 1-4 pm
$38 ($45 NM) Rec Room #2

American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training Course  reg_now_orange
Get the training you need to handle any babysitting situation! Learn to supervise and care for infants through early teens. In addition to basic care for infants and children you will learn about child behavior, age appropriate activities, emergency protocols and professionalism.
Participants will receive a 2 year certification for First Aid and CPR/AED. Ages 11 & up
Thu & Fri Dec 27 & 28
9 am-2 pm

$95 ($102 NM) Rec Room #2babysitting

Moo-Duk-Kwan Karate   reg_now_orange
Gain self defense, self discipline and self respect with physical fitness benefits with year-round instruction for children and adults. This is a Korean Makaratertial Art with a white through black belt system. Roger Engle, a 7th degree black belt, has taught GEARS karate since 1978. Ages 6+
Mon, Tue & Thu 6-7:30 pm
Sept 4-27
Oct 1-30
Nov 1-29 (no 11/22 & 11/26)
Dec 3-27 (no 12/24 & 12/25)
$50/month ($57 NM) MS Wrestling Room