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The Elizabethtown Area HUB is funded by the United Way of Lancaster County to make sure that everyone in Etown has what he or she needs to lead a productive life. Our goal is to make getting help easy for anyone who needs it. We have many services available, but they are sometimes difficult to find; we want to remedy that. Call 717.361.1307 or email
elizabethtownhub@gmail.com to connect with us.


Siena’s HUGS Foundation
A non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the life of individuals with Special Needs. Siena’s HUGS (Help Us Grow Strong) Foundation believes that all of those with special needs deserve a safe place to explore, learn, and grow physically and siennas hugsemotionally.Hope, inspiration, and accomplishment will lead to a more fulfilled life and empower those to reach and obtain their dreams to go beyond the prescribed limitations. Siena’s HUGS is working to develop special programs for physical activity, artistic and musical expression and healthy living workshops. Visit their website at www.youcanhug.com