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Moo-Duk-Kwan Karate  reg_now_orange
Gain self defense, self discipline and self respect with physical fitness benefits with year-round instruction for children and adults. This is a Korean Martial KarateArt with a white through black belt system. Roger Engle, a Grand Master 8th degree black belt, has taught GEARS karate since 1978. Ages 6+
Mon, Tue & Thu 6-7:30 pm
Aug 12-29
$50 ($60 NM) MS Wrestling Room

Smash! Men, women and children are invited to play the exciting sport ofbadmiton badminton. Equipment is available.
Wed June 5-July 24 12-2 pm (No 7/4)
Fri June 7-Aug 30 (1, 3 & 5 week)
6-9 pm
$4/Day ($5/Day NM) CC Gym

All ages are invited to play in this program. Pickle-Ball is a combination of tennis pickleballand badminton played on a badminton sized court with lightweight paddles and plastic perforated balls (much like wiffle balls). These elements produce exciting, long rallies which consist of volleys at the net and ground strokes similar to tennis. Pickle-Ball is a great equalizer for differences in age, sex,strength and athletic ability. Equipment is available.
Tue June 4-July 23 12-2 pm
Wed June 5-Aug 28 6-8 pm
Fri June 7-Aug 30 (2 & 4 week) 6-9 pm
$4/Day ($5/Day NM) CC Gym

Power Volleyball
Bump, set, spike! High school age through adults are invited to enjoy pick-up games of
power volleyball.
volleyballFri Jan 4-May 17 (no 4/19)
6:30-9:30 pm
$4/Day ($5/Day NM) MS Aux Gym