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Continuing Education

Astronomy 101   reg_now_orange
Enjoy a night of fun as we share the love of astronomy with you! There will be a  presentation that will focus on astronomy basics. You will learn to navigate the night sky using only your eyes. You will even get to take home your very own planisphere to practice your newly learned skills at home. You will get pro tips on how to maximize your ability to see objects and the best time to observe objects. Live demonstrations that will be fun for all ages. If conditions allow, there could be a possibility for a special guest. Ages 6-20.  Parent/Guardian must be present for under age 16.
Sat May 15
8:15-9:45 pm

Chickies Creek Day Use Area
$15 astronomy-clipart-1

Intro to Kayaking  reg_now_orange
Program will cover basic paddling instruction and safety. Two-hour guided paddle on the beautiful Susquehanna River with either a single or tandem sit-on-top kayak that is designed for all shapes and sizes with a large ergonomic cockpit. Ages 12+
Registration Deadline is May 8.
Sat, May 8
12-2 pm
Chiques Rock Outfitters LLC  (1028 River Road, Columbia)
$50 single kayak
$65 tandem kayak360_F_227048713_AuTXCrCaRxHDpfth8VHjIE3zzPvprzIr

Pedal to Paddle  reg_now_orange
Bike the Northwest River Trail with a premium bike from the Cycle Works and experience a guided paddle on the Susquehanna River with either a single or tandem sit-on-top kayak that is designed for all shapes and sizes with a large ergonomic cockpit. Ages 12+  Registration deadline is May 17.
Sat, May 22 
10 am-3 pm
Chiques Rock Outfitters LLC  (1028 River Road, Columbia)
$105 Single Bike and Kayak
$180 Two Bikes and Tandem Kayak

Fun with Yarn    reg_now_orange
Discover “crafty” activities using yarn. Join us for a variety of summer timecreations such as 4th of July wreath, bird making and much more fun activities. Ages 18+
Mon 7:15-8:15 pm
June 7-28 (I)
July 12-Aug 9 (no Aug 2) (II)
$40 ($50 NM) Senior Centerceef31c54b1d12fd224e0163b4119c5f

Seniors Eating Well  reg_now_orange
Are you a caregiver to an older adult? Do you have questions about how to provide the
best nutrition care to enhance their quality of life? This class is taught by Mallory Zeigler,
a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist working with seniors and caregivers. Join us as we
discuss topics like food textures, changes in taste/smell, how to combat weight loss, and
much more. Ages 18+
Wed May 12
6-7 pm
East Donegal Twp Municpal Building

Trail Riding reg_now_orange
One hour guided trail riding. Ride horses through the 275 acres of woods and farmland on the ranch. Horses are well mannered and trained to work with riders that have little or no experience. For your own safety and safety of the horses, we do not trot or gallopthrough the trails. All children must be 8 or older and there is a strict weight limit of 250 pounds. Masks or bandannas are required when they arrive and check in. Once the trail ride starts, masks may be pulled down.
Wed May 26 (I) 5 pm
Wed June 9 (II) 2 pm
Wed June 23 (III) 2 pm
Wed July 21 (IV) 2 pm
Wed Aug 18 (V) 2 pm
$45 ($55 NM)
Ironstone Ranch    
1 Hollinger Lane, E-towntrailriding

Medicare Madness   reg_now_orange
Intro to Medicare
If you are about to turn age 65 and confused by Medicare, this  class is designed specifically for you! The basics of Medicare will be explained, including how and when to sign up for Medicare, what is covered by the different parts of Medicare (A, B, C and D), and what the difference is between a Medicare Supplemental (Medigap) and a Medicare Advantage plan. Additionally, we will walk through how to find a plan that best fits your needs. This class is beneficial for seniors because it clears away the confusion, answer many questions, and empowers participants through education. This class will be conducted via zoom. The July 16 class will be conducted via zoom. Participants will need laptop, tablet or smart phone with internet access. Registration is
Wed July 16 (I) 6-8 pm ZOOM
Thu Aug 18 (II) 6:15-8:15 pm
Senior Center
$10 ($16 NM)medicares

AARP Driver Safety Program   
AARP Driver Safety Program 8-hour and 4-hour classes are only available
online. Go to www.aarpdriversafety.org for additional information. Available to all
motorists age 50 and older. This is a Penn Dot approved course and may entitle you to a
discount on your auto insurance (check with your agent).

aarp driver