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Current Openings: Before and After School Staff, Part-time
Contact Wendy Musser, Kids Center Director
Phone: 717-367-0119

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Our mission is to create an active community where children can grow in mind and body. Being active within their community, both large and small, allows children to see how they can respect and grow in their community. It teaches them to be humble and appreciate what they have.

It shows them that it takes many different people to create a community where they live, learn and play. Interactions and challenges they come to face in our program, become learning experiences that our teachers assist in guiding them through the experience in a positive nurturing way.

Giving the children the time, space and encouragement to find their words, make their own opinions and views while respecting others.

We are always looking for dynamic staff to work with our children to help them succeed with academics and their social and emotional skills.

GEARS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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