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NYSS Badge

At Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation & Community Services (GEARS), we are very proud to be recognized by the National Youth Sports Strategy as a NYSS Champion.

The National Youth Sports Strategy aims to unite U.S. youth sports culture around a shared vision: that one day, all youth will have the opportunity, motivation, and access to play sports.

The Strategy is based on research and best practices from the scientific community and successful youth sports programs across the United States. It offers actionable ideas for parents, coaches, organizations, communities, and policymakers to support youth sports participation for all.

Girls Middle School Volleyball

Get ready for the 2022 season! This Middle School Volleyball Program will compete in a Girls Volleyball League on Monday nights (Sept 12-Oct 24). Fee includes practice, uniform, midseason tournament and playoffs.

  • Teams for girls in grades 5-6 & 7-8.
  • Mon, Tue & Thu Aug 15-Oct 24
  • 6-8 pm
  • Bear Creek Gym
  • $235 ($245 NM)


Learn basic gymnastics skills and progress to more advanced skills as the child is ready. Ages 6-12

  • Thu Sept 8-Nov 10
  • 7-8 pm
  • CC Gym
  • $75 ($85 NM) 

Trail Riding

One hour guided trail riding. Ride horses through the 275 acres of woods and farmland on the ranch. Horses are well mannered and trained to work with riders that have little or no experience. For your own safety and safety of the horses, we do not trot or gallop through the trails. All children must be 8 or older and there is a strict weight limit of 250 pounds.

  • Wed Sept 7 (I) Sept 21 (II) Oct 5 (III) Oct 19 (IV) 5-6 pm
  • Nov 2 (IV) 4:45-5:45 pm
  • Ironstone Ranch (1 Hollinger Lane, E-town)
  • $60 ($70 NM) 

MegaMachine Robotics

In this Snapology class, children will create some of their favorite robotic motorized vehicles using LEGO Technic Bricks. Students will learn about gear ratio, sensors, pulleys, cranks and programming as they build trucks, space rovers, helicopters and much more. Students will use tablets and visual coding to animate the robotic creations. Ages 6-9

  • Tue Sept 6-Oct 11
  • 5:30-6:30 pm
  • Community Center
  • $120 ($130 NM) 

Combat Robots

Do you think that you can build the strongest and most agile robot? Can your robot win a head-to-head competition? Come learn engineering strategies for building sturdy structures using LEGO Technic bricks and then apply that knowledge to build a robot for friendly competition. You will have a blast as you play robot football and complete the hoop challenge in this fun Snapology robotics program. Ages 9-12

  • Tue Sept 6-Oct 11
  • 6:45-7:45 pm
  • Community Center
  • $120 ($130 NM)

Machines & Contraptions

Does your little learner love to tinker and create new things, or are they the kind of learner who likes to break things apart to see what is inside? They will love this Snapology Foundational Engineering program! Students will get the tools they need to understand mechanical movement and the importance of simple machines. They will see these moving parts up close as they follow instructions to build physics concepts, and even play games with their classmates. Ages 6-9

  • Tue Oct 25-Dec 6 (no 11/22)
  • 5:30-6:30 pm
  • Community Center
  • $120 ($130 NM) 

AtackBots with Spike Prime

Students will build a variety of military-inspired robots using the LEGO Spike Prime system that will respond to their programmed commands, while working with a partner to solve the various challenges. Your student will understand how to effectively utilize a sensor, how different mechanical components can alter the power and speed of their machine, and how programming is a challenging but rewarding skill that they can master with just a little practice. Ages 9-12

  • Tue Oct 25-Dec 6 (no 11/22)
  • 6:45-7:45 pm
  • Community Center
  • $120 ($130 NM) 

Bob Schlosser Skills Clinic

Long-time Elizabethtown College Men’s Basketball Coach and 2 time State Champion Coach Bob Schlosser is offering a 6 week clinic for skill work. Ball handling, shooting fundamentals, moving without the ball, offensive and defensive footwork will be stressed. Girls and boys in grades 3-5.

  • Tue Sep 13-Oct 18 GIRLS & BOYS
  • 3:45-4:45 pm
  • Bear Creek Gym
  • $85 ($95 NM) 

Beginner Tennis

Children of any skill level will learn the fundamentals of tennis using the larger RED balls and smaller courts. Through the use of fun games and drills players will learn proper technique of forehands, backhands, serve and volleys. Taught by Brenda McBride, PTR Certified Instructor. Ages 7-14

  • Tue Sept 27-Oct 18
  • 6-6:50 pm
  • HS Tennis Courts
  • $65 ($75 NM)

Intermediate Tennis

Class is for players that have completed two or more sessions of beginning tennis lessons. Instruction will focus on continuing to develop tennis skills, footwork, and prepare for match play. Taught by Brenda McBride, PTR Certified Instructor. Ages 8-14

  • Tue  Sept 27-Oct 18
  • 7-8 pm
  • HS Tennis Courts
  • $65 ($75 NM) 

5th-6th Grade Travel Basketball Leagues

Boys and girls teams will play in a local travel basketball league. Flyers will be distributed through the EASD schools.

  • Tryout Dates:
  • GIRLS Oct 15 from 9-10 am &
  • Oct 17 from 6-7 pm
  • BOYS Oct 15 from 10:15-11:15 am &
  • Oct 17 from 7:15-8:15 pm
  • Bear Creek Gym
  • $185 

BEARS 1st & 2nd Grade Basketball

Coed skills development program will work with your child on the fundamentals of basketball – dribbling, shooting and passing. Participants will play fun skill development games. Fee includes a t-shirt.

  • Sat Dec 3-Jan 28 (no 12/24)
  • 10-11 am (A) 11 am-12 noon (B)
  • East High Elem Gym
  • $55 ($65 NM) 

BEARS Youth Basketball Program

Organized practices and games for children in grades 3-9. Forms will be distributed
in late October. Interested in coaching or officiating, please call the GEARS Office at
367-0355. Volunteer coaches are needed!

  • Draft Dates:

  • Nov 1, 6-7 pm BOYS Grades 3-4

  • Nov 1, 7:15-8:15 pm BOYS Grade 5-6

  • Nov 2, 6-7 pm GIRLS Grades 3-4

  • Nov 2, 7:15-8:15 pm GIRLS Grades 5-6

  • Bear Creek Gym

  • $70 (grades 3-4) ($80 NM)

  • $80 (grades 5-9) ($90 NM)

Father & Son

Have Questions?

Call: (717) 367-0355


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